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SonRise Ranch, our local rancher, is now offering sustainably raised meat CSA boxes. 

Offering Beef, Pork, Chicken and Mixed Boxes of the following sizes:
Mini (3+lbs)
Small (7+lbs)
Large (14+lbs)  
A great selection of Grass-fed and finished Beef, Pastured (non-GMO/non-Soy fed) Pork and / or Chicken from SonRise Ranch. These variety boxes are designed to feed your family with the most nutrient dense, small Ranch raised product in Southern California. Keep your carbon footprint small and your body healthy at the same time. SonRise Ranch has a passion for environmentally enhancing (beyond sustainable) land stewardship, animal care and advancing alternative agriculture for the next generation. 

These boxes are a great value and very convenient. The larger the box the more the variety available. All boxes are designed to accommodate servings of "multiples of 2" meaning you will never get a single serving (one steak or pork chop) but always 2, 4 or 6, etc.. making meal planning easy and ensuring each person at the table is fed nutrient rich, great tasting meats. 

During a time like this is is vital that as few people handle your food as possible before it arrives on your table. SonRise is a small farm, at most only two Ranch members or Butcher shop workers touch your packaging, and each is held to the the highest standards of cleanness and Covid-19 prevention protocol.

Shop safe, healthy and guilt free meats. Help regenerate our soils, feed your soul."
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