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Creation Family Farms is a biodynamic, permaculture, urban farm in the city of Tarzana. We are one of Los Angeles's last remaining farms. They are situated on a half-acre in a residential neighborhood where they grow nutrient dense food with love. Their farm specializes in growing anti-cancer food, specifically microgreens, sprouts and herbs. Their philosophy with farming is alignment with nature, its seasons and the cycles of the moon. They use plants to heal the human and the earth. They are soil enthusiasts that build soil through cover crops, mulching, composting and vermicomposting. Their farm sequesters carbon through regenerative farming. In 2019, they recycled over 25,000 pounds of organic material from various local businesses like juice bars and tree trimmers. Creation Family Farms doesn't just grow food, they are also educators that hold workshops and garden tours, working with local schools, camps, businesses and foundations.

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